Central Auditory Processing Evaluation

Auditory Processing is not how well we hear, but rather what we do with what we hear. People with auditory processing disorders often experience:

  • Difficulty hearing in noise (with normal hearing acuity)
  • Difficulty following instructions or paying attention
  • Difficulty following lectures
  • Poor note-taking skills or difficulty in school
  • Slow response to oral instructions
  • A history of chronic ear infections.

A comprehensive evaluation Our auditory processing evaluation is comprehensive, to rule out underlying hearing loss. The battery that follows involves listening to recorded speech and tones in different situations and repeating or identifying certain attributes of the presented stimuli. The results determine the particular auditory processing disorder, if any.

Treatment that gets to the source When you know where the breakdown occurs, you're in the best possible position to treat it. Once we have diagnosed your auditory processing difficulty, we provide appropriate recommendations for home, school, or work.

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