APD – Auditory Processing Disorders

We are the compassionate, knowledgeable allies you need when it comes to navigating auditory processing disorder (APD). Our comprehensive understanding of the condition empowers us to decipher your unique situation and recommend effective solutions. Get in touch with our friendly auditory specialists for an appointment in New Jersey as soon as possible.

You Are Not Alone

While a general practitioner can test your hearing, only an auditory specialist can diagnose specific types of hearing loss, like APD. We work with patients of all ages to determine exactly what is going on and to provide official diagnoses. Thanks to our passion for knowledge and the people we serve, we eliminate the guesswork and stress of living with a disorder that can be difficult to pin down. Taking note of the smallest details, we make sure your treatment plan actually works. We do not do one-size-fits-all solutions — ever.

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Serving the people of New Jersey with unbeatable care, we are always available to meet with you and determine how to improve your quality of life. We serve both adults and children, always committed to customizing our care for effectiveness and to treat your specific type of hearing loss. 

Living with APD can be challenging, but you have support at the New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center. Make an appointment with us today.