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Characteristics of APD - Most people with APD have normal intelligence and normal hearing sensitivity, however they appear hearing impaired.

People with auditory processing disorders often experience:

  • Difficulty learning to read
  • Poor reading and spelling skills
  • Difficulties with phonics and speech sound discrimination
  • Hear words incorrectly
  • Difficulty telling sounds apart
  • Saying “Huh or What”, “I didn’t hear you”, or “I didn’t understand what you meant”
  • Difficulty with multi step directions
  • Distracted by background noise
  • Poor organization of verbal material
  • Poor note-taking skills or difficulty in school
  • Respond inconsistently or inappropriately to auditory information
  • Difficulty attending to oral messagesOral and written expression problems
  • Remembering what is heard
  • Unable to learn songs or nursery rhymes and poor music and singing skills
  • Unable to concentrate, or stay on task, and are easily distracted
  • Delay in responding when participating in oral communication
  • Often have a history of ear infections or were born prematurely
  • Listening for extended periods
  • Unable to locate sounds