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Diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder

Diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder is done by an Audiologist, although a team evaluation involving speech / language pathologists, psychologists, neurologists, educators and school nurses is often necessary to rule out other underlying or co-existing diagnoses.

Our test battery includes a comprehensive audiological evaluation and the testing that follows involves listening to recorded speech and tones in different situations and repeating or identifying certain attributes of the presented stimuli all taking place in a sound treated booth under headphones. The results determine the particular auditory processing disorder, if any.

People with auditory processing disorders are typically “categorized” based upon the test results into one or more categories including: binaural integration, auditory closure, temporal patterning, binaural interaction, decoding, tolerance-fading memory, and organization. This categorization helps to focus the recommended accommodations, intervention goals, therapies and activities.