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"As one of the most well recognized tinnitus specialist in the state of New Jersey, we are here to identify and treat tinnitus patients of all ages.

Precise Evaluation

Our complete tinnitus evaluation is focused on determining the source and nature of the problem. Our primary goal is to evaluate the status of the auditory system using not only high frequency audiometry up to 20,000Hz, but we will also try to match the pitch and volume of the tinnitus, uncomfortable loudness levels, as well as the presence of tinnitus habituation (relief).

There are also several questionnaires to be filled out in order for the Doctor of Audiology to get a better handle on the effects of tinnitus on daily life. This provides information that can be used to establish treatment protocols.

Tinnitus evaluation appointments generally are a minimum of one hour and are necessary for the creation for a customized program for successful habituation. Based on the results of this extensive tinnitus evaluation, further testing by a physician may be indicated as a first step. These follow up appointments regarding treatment may not be covered medical insurance.