Industry Leaders in Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, you need nothing less than cutting-edge technology that integrates effortlessly with your body and lifestyle while meeting your needs. We are proud to represent leading hearing aid companies who are redefining the industry. Thanks to these partnerships, we can put a plethora of options for hearing aid devices at your fingertips. Explore the possibilities from the industry’s premier innovators:

  • Resound
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Widex
  • Starkey

The Style You Need

Depending on your needs, some hearing aids will work better than others. As experts with multiple decades of experience, we know which style is most effective for which condition. We also love pairing lifestyle with hearing aids so our clients feel confident and comfortable at all times. Explore the six main categories with us:

  • Invisible in the Canal (IIC)
  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)
  • In the Canal (ITC)
  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Behind the Ear (BTE)

If we do our job, you will not even know you are wearing a hearing aid. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated audiologists at New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center today to find the hearing aid devices that are right for you.