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Law Enforcement

f you are involved in law enforcement you undoubtedly know how important your sense of hearing is to being effective on the job. You may also have experienced a situation where firing your weapon has temporarily reduced your ability to hear. And if it hasn't already happened, there may be a future situation where your partner or a member of your team will be forced to fire their weapon in close proximity or in a confined area. Also remember when Euthanizing an animal from a motor vehicle hit, can damage your ears as well. The potential damage to your hearing could be severe and could result in irreversible hearing loss.

What is “Custom Fit”?

Both earmolds and IEM’s can be custom made (using a mold) to fit your unique ear shape. The ear impression that is used to make the earmold or IEM is the most important part of the process in getting a good custom fit. The quality of the ear impression material and technique directly impacts the sound quality, sound isolation, and comfort that is achieved with the earmold.

Because this part of the process is so crucial, it’s important that impressions are taken by experienced professionals like us!

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1 The Noise Navigator was developed by Elliott Berger, MS, Senior Scientist with 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division.