Misophonia – What you need to know:

Misophonia is a mild to a severe reaction to triggers, usually sounds, experienced in the environment. There are a large amount of contributing factors and triggers, and no one case is the same. This is due to the negative response caused by a reaction in the brain. Specific sounds trigger areas of your autonomic and limbic system, and the patient experiences an unconscious reaction from the emotional centers of their brain.

Traditional misophonia symptoms can come from a variety of things that you might think of just as “pet peeves” or “annoying habits” of others, but with patients who experience misophonia, these noises are debilitating — not simply irritating. Loud breathing, noisily chewing, and whistling are just some examples of everyday noises that can trigger such a strong negative response. Many often recognize their triggers initially in those they spend the most time around, such as partners or family members.

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