Tinnitus can stem from a wide variety of reasons — from hearing negligence in loud environments to diabetes, heart disease, infection, aging, and everything in between. Tinnitus can be caused by physical and/or neurological conditions, and can only be diagnosed by a trained professional. New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center is the authority in New Jersey and surrounding areas for identifying and treating patients of all ages with tinnitus.

Subjective tinnitus is the most common form of this condition and is often paired with additional symptoms such as hearing loss. Tinnitus can affect up to 15% of all adults and, even more shocking, upwards of 33% of individuals over the age of 55 experience symptoms of tinnitus. The team at New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center understands this issue well and will make you feel confident in your options moving forward. More often than not, we hear from our patients that many professionals they see for complaints of tinnitus tell them to, “Just live with it,” or that, “Nothing can be done,” but this is not the case.

The Impact of Tinnitus

Identifying the cause of tinnitus is not enough to treat the condition; it’s also important to understand the residual effects that tinnitus has on each patient. Anxiety, depression, addiction, and other conditions can be a result of your tinnitus. We know how debilitating this condition can be, which is why we take your treatment plan and finding the right hearing aids for tinnitus seriously.

Bringing unique empathy for the urgent nature of your situation, we are the audiologists with the expertise to resolve the persistent awareness of noise in your ears. We have given patients of all ages relief for two decades, earning ourselves the reputation as the premier tinnitus experts in the state of New Jersey. Make an appointment and you will receive the full benefit of our accumulated knowledge and passion for helping those suffering with tinnitus.

It Is Time for Relief

Ranging from irritating to disabling, tinnitus awareness and disturbance can be treated. We take this condition extremely seriously at the New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center. It is infamous for being caused by hearing damage, but something as simple as excessive aspirin use can cause it as well. 

In our years of experience, we have had the chance to get to the bottom of many diverse cases, and have come up with individualized treatment plans specific to each person, which may include hearing aids for tinnitus. You can trust us to bring energy, determination, and attention to detail when it comes to your recovery path.

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New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center is your home for relief. The minute you step through our doors, you will be welcomed with a warm smile and enjoy personalized care. Whether your ears have been ringing, hissing, or buzzing, peace and quiet is possible with our specialists. Contact New Jersey Hearing & Tinnitus Center for an appointment today.